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  • Small batches to ensure freshness

  • All natural coloring with botanicals and minerals

  • No animal testing

Soaps & Bath Bombs

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More Than Soap

Simply Good Soap

  • 100% vegetable oils: olive, palm, coconut
  • Sustainably sourced palm oil
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Cosmetic grade fragrance oils
  • Rich lathering, emollient, retain glycerine
  • No unnecessary preservatives
  • No animal testing

My soaps are 100% vegetable – based using a few simple ingredients and no preservatives. I use the traditional cold process method of soapmaking, and combine top quality oils of olive, palm, and coconut. My soaps are rich lathering, long lasting and emollient and retain glycerin, a natural moisturizer that is normally stripped away from industrially manufactured soap.


These soaps are PH balanced and gentle to the skin. I use only 100% pure essential oils and top quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils, which have been especially formulated and thoroughly tested, for scenting the soap.


My soaps are colored naturally through the combination of the oils that I use, along with added botanicals, herbal teas, clays and the natural color of the oils. No artificial coloring is added. 

- Renée

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