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I have been a soapmaker for the past twelve years and have a cottage industry located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California where I live. My goal when I started making soap was to create a basic, non-trendy, good quality soap with a few simple ingredients. I am constantly experimenting with oils, scents and natural colorants to create bars of soap that are gentle to the skin, and pleasing to look at and smell.

I take much time in formulating any product that I put on the market so that people can be assured of the quality and safety of anything that they purchase.

I thoroughly enjoy making my soaps and body products and I hope that you enjoy using them.
- Renée

100% vegetable oils: olive, palm, coconut
100% pure essential oils
cosmetic grade fragrance oils
rich lathering, emollient, retain glycerine
no preservatives
no animal testing

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