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Effervescent bath bombs will add to your bathing pleasure by softening the water, adding a subtle fragrance and lightly moisturizing your skin. I use no artificial colors to stain your body or the tub.



Draw a warm bath, drop in a bath bomb, immerse yourself, and enjoy!



Baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, fragrance or essential oil


Appoximately 13 oz. per bag of 6

Bath Bombs

  • Roses and Lavender

    A perfect combination of fresh roses and lavender to scent your bath water.


    Rosemary, Lavender and Mint

    A true spa scent, very relaxing.


    English Rose

    If you are a rose lover, your bathroom will smell just like a rose garden with this beautiful fragrance.


    Hawaiian Pikake

    Often referred to as "Hawaiian jasmine." Like jasmine, pikake is a sweet, intense, tropical white floral on the order of jasmine but less sweet. The pikake flower is used to make leis.



    A strong, true, and sensual gardenia fragrance.



    A light, beautiful jasmine.


    Maui Mango

    A fruity combination of mango and Valencia orange.


    Hawaiian White Ginger

    A luscious tropical scent. Very Hawaiian.


    Coconut Lime Verbena

    A blend of Lemon, Verbena and Lime. A sharp, crisp scent you will love if you like verbena.


    Coconut Vanilla

    It's da bomb for coconut lovers.



    Lavender essential oil noted for its relaxing qualities.



    The fresh, clean scent of magnolia.



    You'll love this citrus-y grapefruit fragrance.


    Fresh Watermelon

    smells exactly like a fresh cut watermelon. Kids love this scent


    A clean, fresh, neutral scent


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